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Why does hair dye have to be so annoying

More gets!

My stuff just arrived from Rainbow Rocket and AHHHHHHHH

They have little stars and hearts in their eyes it so cute!!! I'm waiting on the sleeping kutari from amazon though, but I had to put her in this post too :3


Did I already share this cute butt? Because I need to share him. Gonna get a twin for him! Yay!

Quick Update

Some exciting things have happened as of late! Number one, I won a giveaway!! I decided to get a sylveon plushie from that, how exciting!!! They make such adorable plush too, I'm sure she's going to be amazing!

And then, my friend Alex showed me Persona! Call me addicted! I love Naoto @-@ I'm thinking of getting some figures from Amazon now xD As if I don't have enough!

I've gotten a lot of new plush too! They're so cute!! I just have to share :3

First off, is the dedenne Kuji pillow!!!! It's bigger than I thought! Kinda wish it was minky though, but I love the soft colors used!

Next off are these adorable felted sylveons! I had dedennes made too, but I um... may of lost them ^^; They're kinda small!

Next is Tsum Tsums! Fluttershy and dedennes! I have sylveons on the way too :3

Then there's some adorable sylveon beanies! They're huge though! Way bigger than I expected when I ordered beanies xD

And lastly, I went to Build a Bear and got these two cuties!!!! Oh my goodness, I love them!!

Here's everything so far! But I still have... like 7 more on the way!!! How exciting!!


Hey slothyshroom, not sure if you got my last message, but I'm interested in selling the DX pokedoll and the pokedoll sculpts :3

More pogs @-@

spritzzie Hey there! I have some pogs if you want them :3

hebilea Also for you too!

slothyshroom I haven't heard back, but these are the pogs I have!

viaticvenusaur And of course some dedes to share!

Just PM me your address if you want them :3 Feel free to request pokemon too! I have so many @-@

Lastest update

Hello, to anyone who this concerns, I know I kinda dropped off livejournal, so
I'm just now looking through messages.

If there were any thing bought/sold kind of transactions which I need to handle on my end, please let me know.

Also to those who wanted pogs, I don't think I got any addresses so I don't know where to ship them to.

To anyone who wants a pog, or wants to ask if there's a pokemon available, comment here. They're free completely, I have so many that are just pilled up in my room.

Also, I'm getting some plushies for Christmas! Yay! Of course they're going to be of sylveon and dedenne >v

Holy mother of pogs

I shouldn't of bought 5 boxes I'm drowning hELP


hey fam, you guys interested in these pogs?




slothyshroom or chaos_21 (I have a set of two so it's good)




In need of buyee middle man?

Or anyone who can find these auctions otherwise ^^;

I have around 10 dedenne auctions on buyee that I really want, under 35$ in total, but due to my account getting deleted, I am unable to bid on them :c
All end in under 3 days, but I can pay the base total now, and then the shipping total when it's calculated (or just send like 50$ now and be refunded the remainder later idk xD

Anyone want to help a fella out ^^;

Also! The giveaway will be ending soon, not this weekend thoigh because of school reasons :p

Anyways, to make this post less boring, here's my current plush collection!

Gardevoir line trades!

Heyo guys! I'm looking to expand my dedenne (or sylveon) collection, and decided that I'll be doing trades of all my other lines once a week! This week, since this box is easiest to get, is gardeivoir!
Next week will be eevees!
The other lines planned are sylveon, xerneas, yveltal, diancie and carbink! I also have tons of random goods, mostly fairies!

Do note, I have just about every official item from these two, plush wise for sylveon, merch and plush wise for dedenne, so I'm mainly looking for customs!

Gardy here!Collapse )

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